the glasshouse entrance venue san jose


Everything needed for a truly unique event in San Jose

The Glasshouse has 12,000 square feet of venue space. Our facility is very unique and contemporary.

The building contains three lounges, two dining areas, and a beautiful outdoor patio in the heart of downtown San Jose

So whether you are hosting a small business event, large corporate meeting, or just want to have a private party hall to rent for a celebration in the beautiful downtown bay area of California we are the spot to consider. 

It’s perfect for any event, up to 700 guests!

As one of the largest venue spaces located in the heart of downtown San Jose Ca, The GlassHouse is known for its glamorous and stylish interiors with many contemporary twists.

Complemented by its stunning open-air patio, the space is entirely adaptable, making it the ideal venue to host unique and memorable events.

We offer Indoor and Outdoor Event Packages 

This option of flexibility allows your guest to go from one space to the other in a seamless manner.  This eliminates transportation issues and keeps your function timely and effortless for your guest.




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Eileen Hamper

“I was there for a political function. The decor is outstanding. The restroom are amazing. Since it was a banquet, I can’t rate the table service.”

Janice Kartika

“Visited this place to attend Firebase Party during WWDC18. The place is easy to find. They had a relatively big screen like in the image to tell which event that was being held inside.”


Eric Coombs

“This is a great place for any event you might be thinking about. It used to b an old bank and still has a vault. Lots of possibilities”

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